Anonymous Plans to Implement P2P

Anonymous plans to implement P2P into their DDoS attack strategy, according to a recent posting on

Called “Ghost-P2P”, the platform will incorporate a “target voting” feature that will enable participants to vote on DDoS targets to be attacked using LOIC, an open source network stress-testing application.

LOIC was recently used by Anonymous to carry out DDoS attacks as part of Operation Payback.

“One of the most unspected [sic] applications we have planned to Ghost-P2P is similar to the LOICs Hive-Mind, a DDOS application with a hive-mind by votes! where people can choose targets and vote for them!”

According to the document, “Ghost-P2P is a free p2p. We should be able to run any type of servers, also a social network gone [sic] be implemented, with support to third party applications.”

Ghost-P2P is stated to be an “open source” project.

According to the author(s), Ghost-P2P works by first creating a P2P-DNS server. P2P-DNS is a relatively new project started by Peter Sunde, co-founder of The Pirate Bay. Based on P2P technology, P2P-DNS is decentralized and almost impossible for the government or any other agencies to control.

According to Sunde, however, “P2P-DNS is *not* a way to browse the web securely or to do things that are considered illegal in your country.”

When a new peer attempts to connect to the Ghost-P2P, the software will contact the latest version of the P2P-DNS server to get the most recent list of peers.

“[O]nce more a key is verified, and the peer is now in the P2P network,” wrote the author(s) of the document.

If you have further information regarding Ghost-P2P, please post a comment and/or contact T3h H3r0d07u5 R3p0r7 via email at


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